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Frequently Asked Questions

How to get here from Metro Manila

Private Water Taxi

Take a private vehicle to Berberabe Port in Batangas. You may park your vehicle at the port for a fee. Travel time is around 2 hours.

From Berberabe port, you can take a private water taxi directly to the resort. Travel time is 30 minutes.

The water taxi has a capacity of 12 persons and must be pre-arranged. We can help book this service for you.

Public Ferry

Take a private vehicle or bus from Cubao or Pasay to Batangas Port. You may park your vehicle at the port for a fee. Travel time is 2-3 hours.

From Batangas Port, take a ferry or fastcraft to Balatero Port in Puerto Galera. Travel time is 1-1.5 hours.

Upon arrival at Balatero Port, take a tricycle or van service to Muelle Port . Travel time is 10 minutes. Our resort boat will pick you up from Muelle Port. Travel time is 10 minutes.

Other FAQs


We are located in Sitio Dalaruan, Barangay Sabang in Puerto Galera. It’s away from the hustle and bustle of White Beach and the main Sabang Beach strip, and faces a quiet, secluded bay. 

There are at least 30 dive spots within a 15-minute boat ride from the resort!


Casalay welcomes pets! But please be mindful of the following requirements by the Batangas Port Authority:

Health Certificate from a vet
Updated vaccination records (particularly anti-rabies)

Present both requirements at the port for them to issue a permit. The permit is free; however, we suggest arriving at least an hour before, to allow ample time to process the permit.


We accept payment through bank transfer (PNB), Gcash, Maya online payment, Paypal, and credit card.


Our resort is located in a secluded location, making it the perfect place to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

However, if you do choose to bring your own vehicle, parking is available at Secret Bay, a short 10-minute walk away from the resort.


We take great pride in meticulously upholding the cleanliness of our picturesque beachfront.

Our dedicated team works diligently to ensure a pristine environment in the resort. Rest assured that the crystal-clear waters of our beach are not only inviting but also safe for swimming.


We provide complimentary boat service for guest arrival and departure to and from Muelle Port upon check in/out. 

Outside those trips, the boat service going to Muelle Port, Sabang, or nearby resorts is Php 300 one-way for 4-6 persons. Trips after 6pm cost Php 600 one-way. There is an additional charge in excess of 6 persons.

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