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Top 5 Dive Sites in Puerto Galera You Can’t Miss

Puerto Galera, a haven for underwater enthusiasts, is a tropical paradise boasting crystal-clear waters, vibrant coral reefs, and an abundance of marine life. As a premier Puerto Galera resort, Casalay is delighted to guide you through the top five scuba diving sites that are an absolute must for any diving enthusiast visiting this stunning destination.

1. Sabang Wrecks

The Sabang Wrecks are a collection of sunken vessels just waiting to be explored, located just a 10-minute boat ride away from our  Puerto Galera beach resort.

The three wrecks are scattered over sandy bottom at the depth of about 20-22 meters. All three wrecks are in different stages of decay. 
There are two wooden and one steel boat wrecks. The steel wreck is of an old Chinese fishing boat that was sunk in 1993 from Sabang beach.

This dive site is also good for a swim to shallower sandy areas leading up to sea grass where you can find a variety of creatures. These wrecks are home to most marine life found in Puerto Galera. This site is also one of the most popular night dives for photographers.

Casalay - Sabang Wrecks

2. Verde Island Drop-off

For those seeking an adrenaline rush and breathtaking underwater landscapes, the Verde Island Drop-off is a scuba diver’s dream come true. Known for its dramatic wall of coral that descends into the deep blue abyss, this site is teeming with diverse marine life, from schools of barracuda to majestic sea turtles. Casalay can arrange a day trip to this site, making it a must-visit during your scuba diving adventure.

coral reef found in Verde Island

Verde island is billed as the center of the center of marine biodiversity on planet Earth and the Coral Triangle. The reef starts shallow at 5 meters and slopes down to about 75 meters. The colorful marine life is on full display here, wherever you look you will see varieties of reef fishes and pelagic life. The sloping reef also houses an assortment of corals. An excellent dive for observing and documenting marine biodiversity of the Coral Triangle. The currents can be strong on this dive, and it’s also an excellent Nitrox dive. 

3. Canyons

An underwater playground for advanced divers, the Canyons of Puerto Galera provide an exhilarating experience with their challenging swim-throughs and impressive underwater canyons. A high voltage drift dive for the experienced divers. Divers drop close to Hole in the Wall and drift with current to reach the three-canyon shaped craters in the reef. As you navigate through the canyons, you’ll encounter schools of jacks, colorful reef fish, and even occasional sightings of larger pelagic species. Our Puerto Galera resort is the perfect base for adventurers looking to explore this thrilling dive site.


moray eel in coral reef Puerto Galera

4. Batangas Channel

Conveniently a 2-minute boat ride away from Casalay, the Batangas Channel is a diverse dive site offering something for every diver. The channel features a mix of shallow coral gardens and deeper sections with fascinating rock formations. Divers can explore the rich biodiversity, from tiny critters hiding in the crevices to larger pelagic species cruising through the blue.

The Batangas Channel is perfect for divers of all experience levels, making it a versatile and captivating site for underwater exploration. Good dive for beginners as well as photographers with a variety of wide angle and macro subjects available to capture.

Rhinopias in Puerto Galera

5. Hole in the Wall

Named after a five-foot wide swim through (tunnel) in a small hill at a depth of 12 meters.

The swim through is covered with hydroids growing on the inside walls of the tunnel and occasional lion or scorpion fish also. So keep good buoyancy and do not touch anything while swimming through. The top of the hill is covered with soft corals. On the other side lies another wall worth exploring which drops off into the bottom full of whip corals vibrating with current.

This is an easy dive with timed tides. However, strong flooding can make it a high voltage dive with down currents pushing you up and down. 

Hole in the Wall dive site Puerto Galera

As you plan your scuba diving adventure in Puerto Galera, consider Casalay as your home base. Our Puerto Galera beach resort provides a tranquil and comfortable retreat, ensuring that your above-water experiences are just as memorable as the underwater ones. Easily accessible from Manila, Casalay offers a seamless transition from bustling city life to the serene beauty of Puerto Galera.

Whether you’re a seasoned diver or a beginner, the top 5 dive sites mentioned above are sure to leave you with unforgettable memories of Puerto Galera’s underwater wonders! Book your stay at Casalay and embark on a scuba diving journey that combines luxury, adventure, and the natural beauty of one of the Philippines’ premier dive destinations.

For more information on Puerto Galera dive sites, check out our dive site map!